The Kapiti Retirement Trust is challenging other local retirement villages to support the Kapiti Performing Arts Centre.

The Trust, which operates the Sevenoaks-Midlands Gardens retirement village and aged care hospital The Lodge has just announced platinum seat sponsorship of the Kapiti Performing Arts Centre.

0Trust CEO Wendy Huston said the sponsorship acknowledged the important link between young and old in Kapiti and was an opportunity to support young people in the community.

“What is very clear in current research around aging is the immense value that intergenerational connections bring to everyone.”

“The significant proportion of those in Kapiti over 65 are the very people who want to see, engage with and support youth and have the time to do so.  If you want proof of this, you just have to see the turnout of residents to any concerts we hold which showcase the creative talents of our local young people.“
“I have no doubt that the Kapiti Performing Arts Centre will be strongly patronised by all in our community and most definitely retirees.  As a significant sector in Kapiti, I challenge all other retirement villages out there to come on board with this wonderful opportunity to support the creativity of our youth and match or better Kapiti Retirement Trust’s sponsorship.”
The Kapiti Performing Arts Centre, which represents the region’s most significant new public building project, will be a purpose-built community theatre attracting a ride variety of performances, events and exhibits.

The state-of-the-art facility will be used to educate the next generation of performing artists for New Zealand and encourage and support performing arts for the community in Kapiti and beyond.  It will host two theatres, a generously proportioned foyer and smaller practice rooms.

Kapiti College is offering a number of ways to leave a legacy and support the project including seat sponsorship and naming rights opportunities.

The Kapiti Retirement Trust was formed by the community almost 60 years ago.  It is the oldest and largest not-for-profit and retirement village in the region.

For more information contact:
Wendy Huston
Kapiti Retirement Trust
Ph (04) 2970116

Cas Carter
KPAC strategy group chair
Ph 021 915410