The Venue

image of a theatre from the stage showing all the seats and a baby grand in the corner.


This 330 seat auditorium will have a 9m x 12m sprung floor stage, with fly space above. This gives the Coastlands Theatre the ability to rapidly change scenery or curtain configuration. The front two rows will be removable to form an orchestra pit. For casual users, at the flick of a single switch, stage lights and sound system become active. For productions, a full lighting rig, accessible by gantry, and professional sound system, mean that it can meet the needs of any hirer.

image of a theatre from the stage showing all the seats and a baby grand in the corner.
image of a foyer with red carpet and a glass walls with an artist's impression of a person in silhouette.


The hub of the Arts Centre, the Atrium links all the different areas. Containing ticket booth/kiosk and to the left of that, ground entry to the main Coastlands Theatre.

At the far end of the atrium sits the Black Box theatre.

To the right of the atrium are classrooms and rehearsal rooms on both ground and first floor. Among these spaces is a fully equipped recording studio which can be used to record sound from any space in the complex.

image of a theatre taken from the back corner. There are seats on two sides and a 'in the round' stage backed by black curtains.


This 200 square metre theatre is best suited to un-amplified spoken voice. A gantry six metres above the sprung floor allows easy configuration of lighting and seating can by placed wherever the director pleases. Large doors allow this space to be an extension of the atrium if desired, making it fully flexible and ideal for a wider variety of purposes.